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Dream Resumes with Happy Candidates Club

Get Ahead of the Competition with Happy Candidates Club, design and create an awesome CV and check your Linkedin connections for some extra help when you apply to your job.

About the project

The aim of the project is creating a website that not only helps users design resumes but also helps them managing, writing the content and actually getting happily hired.

Through Linkedin the website knows which connections work in companies users apply for, they can help getting your dream job.

How people usually look for jobs

A typical job hunting is made through various websites which publish job offers,

you sign up, look for jobs that interest you, upload your CV and then you apply.

Some sites offer various added tools and services such as career advice, resume help, communities, salary calculators and more.

Look for a website and sign up to view the job offers

and other services


Upload CV within the website or by yourself

and create your profile


Look for jobs using filters or

other preferences available


Send application and wait for replies


The most popular sites today for job hunting are probably Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster and Linkedin.

Popularity varies in different countries and continents but all of the listed above are widely

considered and globally used.

While all the listed above act in the same manner the only one that has a different behavior

and usage is Linkedin, he's the only website which allows you to connect or interact with a person that has a relation to the job you look for.

The most efficient way to find a job today according the web is by networking and referrals,

these methods also allow access to jobs which are not offered in other channels and are

considered as hidden job markets.

But not only, personal connections give you a more direct way to the hiring figures.

Sending your CV this way is much more efficient, targeted and easy, using your connections

through Linkedin may give you a greater chance in landing your job.

According the mentioned above the Happy Candidates Club site will aim to use the potential of the Linkedin network,

giving the user an option to identify potential connections he has within companies which publish job offers.

Making the design and management of the CV a step before sending it to the relevant connection.

Look for your dream job

Pick a template and design your CV

Look for Linkedin connections and apply


I chose to address the main screens needed which are a home page that explains and invites you to use the website, a gallery of templates based on various search filters, forms to help you define the content that will appear in the resume, the personal area where to manage and see your resumes and finally a screen that shows which one of your Linkedin connections works in the company you want to apply for, why not sending him your resume and get an extra help when applying to jobs.


Choose Template

Fill Details

Personal Area

Linkedin Connections

Choose Template


Personal Area

Linkedin Connections

Fill Details

How it works

With Happy Candidates Club, you’ll have everything you need to succeed. The online resume builder makes it easy to create a standout resume that showcases your skills and experience. It provides AI content advice, job search support, and interview preparation to help you land the job you want. Join now and become a happy candidate!