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Experience the thrill with Parky

An app for amusement parks visitors, made to recommend to you and your friends rides, shorten waiting times in lines, help in orientation and an over all improved journey

About the project

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting in long lines at amusement parks. That’s what Parky is made, an app designed to provide you with suggestions for every visitor.

The app offers park maps, attraction descriptions, and even personalized recommendations based on your likes and preferences. Bring on the fun, and start planning your perfect park day with Parky today.




let's begin your tour

Your account

Just a few details


Tell us who is coming

so we can suggest him the best rides

Choose a pic

Select a fun profile pic,

no need for uploads and searching through galleries


Confirm your details

and let's go

View the rides

On each one of them you can see

who will enjoy it the most

Elvis will like the magic roller

Save to fav

You can make a list of the

rides you want to see today

Let's go

View on the map where

is the ride you want to go to

and begin the fun


These are the main screens detailed, made to set your details first and then allowing you to use the app freely and as you like during your visit in the park.

A simple flow to assist you in your journey and help you getting around with your friends.



Sign in

Fill details

Add a pic

You're ready

Pick a ride

View details

Use a map

Or save for later

How it works

After filling your group's members and their preferences,

Parky displays on each Ride's card the visitor who's most likely to enjoy it

according his preferences and height, saving you time in choosing rides and other attractions

Save in your favorites

Saving the most relevant rides for your group allows you to plan your journey through the

day and also in advance, you can also keep them in your list for future visits to the park.

Let's go

After choosing your ride the way to reach it will be displayed in the map, including your current position.

The map also displays the various rides and other attractions, restaurants and facilities,

tapping the tabs above the map filters and shows the location of your interests.

Ui design

Colorful fun and vivid, just as an amusement park should be, with readable clear fonts, visible contrast for call to actions, buttons and menus.

Montserrat Bold

Montserrat Regular





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